Shopping in Broadstairs

Broadstairs is a lovely place to visit, but it is not really much of a shopping destination, unless you count the souless Westwood Cross on its outskirts.  So far I haven’t found anywhere really interesting in the main shopping area (High Street/Queens Road).   However there are some good shops in other parts of the town.

Interesting Independent Shops

The first shop on my list is my favorite. It is called GM Arrowsmiths and is located at 2 Charlotte Street. It’s a lovely clothing and gift shop with a cavernous basement :-

Next door is a branch of Brewer & Howard (1 of 2 shops, the other one is in Sandwich). It is a great place for quality Footwear and other accessories :-

There is also the Harbour Gift Shop on the Broadstairs Jetty – this gift shop is in a great location just round the corner from Wyatt & Jones and is well worth a browse. It sells lots of quality seaside related gifts and cards.

If visiting shops check the opening times as they can change, especially in the Winter season.


Broadstairs town has a few smaller supermarkets like the Co-op, Londis and Budgins. The larger Supermarkets are at Westwood Cross – see Map Supermarkets.

Additional Information

If you want more information on where to eat and drink in Broadstairs and the surrounding area checkout:-

If you want to know about other shops in nearby towns checkout:-

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