The Table – by design!

For a late breakfast or brunch away from the crowds, I would recommend The Table.

It is perhaps not somewhere you would find in passing, as it is located a couple of streets behind Tate Modern, housed within an architects‘ head quarters. (I found it while visiting the offices as part of Open House London).  It is a casual venue with shared tables and a small outside seating area.

There is also usually a small selection of Cakes

Marks out of 10 (Visits in 2009 and 2010)

Food 6

Service (Counter and table delivery) 6

Ambience 5

The Table – upping its game!

The Table just gets better and better.  There was a real buzz during my visit today, see video :-

It was  busy when I arrived, but one of the waiters immediately spotted me and found me a space.  The service and the food based on this visit was actually better than I remember from earlier visits.   My sweetcorn fritters (which the waiter advised me would take at least 10 minutes to make) were just perfect. They were served with two lovely runny poached eggs as well – an addition that had not been part of the dish last time I ordered it.  The staff were really on the ball, a glass of tap water was provided within about a minute off asking for it, as was the bill.

The area (Southwark Street – near the Blue Fin Building) is much more lively now too, lots of restaurants and bars with outdoor seating.

Marks out of 10 (Visit in May 2011)

Food 6.8

Service 6.8

Ambience 6.3

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UPDATE – October 2011

I think The Table may have peaked, as my last couple of visits have been disappointing.  Slow service and lukewarm food, perhaps it’s just getting too popular.

Marks out of 10 (Visits in September and October  2011)

Food 4.9

Service 4.8

Ambience 5.9

UPDATE – August 2013

The Table’s menu and chef has changed. The interior is slightly different as they have removed the area that used to be used to display cakes, so no longer somewhere to pop in for  just coffee and cake. It’s main focus is still breakfast and brunch type dishes, it is also now possible to make reservations.


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